Seva Mobil Bekas : Do you need to sign the car interior to prevent Corona Virus from entering

The interior of the car can become a den of disease if rarely or lazy to clean. Germs, bacteria, and viruses will easily land on dirty and damp places. Various techniques can be done so that car cabin cleanliness can be maintained.

Now, when this is busy raising awareness of the corona virus. COVID-19 can spread and live anywhere, even in the car. One of the preventive actions to prevent the spread of bacteria to the virus is by doing spraying or fogging.

A fogging treatment system offered by Vertue Concept, through its product, has the name Vertue Clean.

Anti-bacterial treatment system Vertue Clean is considered to reduce bacterial and fungal activity, eliminate the buildup of bacterial colonies, minimize odors in the car, and can reduce the spread of influenza viruses like HFMD, H1N1, and SARS.

Then what about the spraying model? Based on information from Edy Vertue from Vertue Concept, the technique works, the Fogging BT-828 Ultrafine Mist machine works about 15 minutes by producing smoke that will spread to all car cabins through the air conditioning system (AC).

“Smoke originating from Ultra Mist Liquid by Bactakleen (waterbased) has passed the FDA Approved test. The anti-bacterial and antiviral content in it effectively kills viruses and germs and is safe for anyone, especially young children,” he explained.

FDA Approved or the Food and Drug Administration is the Agency for Drug and Food Control which is in charge of managing food, food supplements, biopharmaceutical drug products, blood transfusions, medical devices, radiation therapy devices, veterinary products, and cosmetics in the United States.

Based on information from Edy, this fogging liquid has also been tested and passed tests passing the Chemistry Laboratory (CHEMLAB), the Malaysian Industrial Research and Standards Institute (SIRIM), the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV), and Swiss multinational companies that provide testing services and certification (SGS).

As is known, according to a Boston Consulting Group survey, car drivers in Jakarta consume an average of more than 31,680 minutes or 22 days each year in their vehicles.

This acquisition has made Jakarta residents become very long-time people who are on the road when compared to other big cities in Asia.

“Of course driving comfort must be supported by a clean car situation, both in terms of its exterior and interior,” he concluded.