How long does it take for eyebrow to grow?

Eyebrows are an element that, in addition to fulfilling its function as a shield for the eyes, brings balance and personality to our face. An eyebrow, depending on the length, the separation between them, the color and its shape (straight, arched, etc.), can change a face and give it character and personality.

Over the centuries and according to the fashions corresponding to each era, the eyebrows, especially in the case of women, have been increased or shaved until they almost disappear. Today, using a natural eyebrow style is the trend and, if thin eyebrows that soften the features were valued before, now the most valued are the natural and leafy eyebrows that highlight the appearance and features of the face.

If your eyebrows have lost thickness and you want them to be dense and thick as before, we recommend reading this article from this web. We will explain how long it takes for the eyebrow to grow so that you can bring the harmony you want to your face.


How long does it take for eyebrow to grow

To understand how long it takes for eyebrows to grow, it is important to know a few things about the hair follicles in our body.

The hair follicles in our body are the ones that generate and enable the growth of eyebrow hair, among other things. The development of a follicle varies from growth to falling through maturation. Depending on how long the growth phase of a follicle lasts, the resulting hair size will be more or less long, that is, the more time it takes for the growth of a follicle, the longer the hair will come out of it Source:

The thickness of an eyebrow, on the other hand, will depend on the number of follicles located in that area of ​​the face, something that varies according to the genetics of each person. According to experts, the growth phase of an eyebrow follicle usually lasts for a month, which is why the size of an eyebrow hair does not exceed 2 centimeters in length. The average growth of an eyebrow is usually 4 to 5 millimeters per month. However, if you used any method of hair removal to remove hair from your eyebrows, it will regrow more or less quickly, depending on the method used to remove hair. To find out how long it will take for your eyebrow to grow, it is important to consider whether you have used any of the following hair removal methods:

  • Epilation of the eyebrows with an electric razor or razor: in this case, the follicle regenerates and begins to grow rapidly. In about a month and a half, your eyebrows will be as they were before the shaving.
  • Epilation with tweezers or hot wax: when the hair is extracted by the root, the growth will be greater and the hair will take longer to be reborn.

However, remember that this is only informative, as everything will depend on the hair removal method used, the genetics and the percentage of follicles that you have in this area.

How to make the eyebrow grow and thicken

If you overreacted when shaving your eyebrows, or simply want yours to look fuller and more natural, keep reading this article. Here are some methods and tricks to fill your eyebrows quickly.

We start by informing you that eating foods that contain the right vitamins and minerals is something that will help you speed up and improve the growth of your natural hair. Omega 3 and vitamin B are highly beneficial for hair and rapid growth.

How to make your eyebrows grow with exfoliants

The method of exfoliating and massaging, by itself, will not help you to have very thick eyebrows but will stimulate your growth and allow the products you apply later to penetrate more easily, so it is an essential step if you want to learn how to fill in your eyebrows quickly.

Use a gentle exfoliating cream, which can be of ecological origin, and massage the eyebrow area with circular movements. Then, rinse with warm water, dry well (without rubbing, but with small and gentle touches on the skin) and apply the product or treatment chosen to increase the eyebrows. You will see that, with patience, you will get great results.