Pass Your IELTS Exam with Perfect

For some people, IELTS writing can be a nightmare especially when they do IELTS tests. The IELTS test includes an essay test as this will present the writing style from yours. Master in essay writing skills is the master from basic language skill. That’s why you need to engage in practice daily grammar and also learn for new words every day that this will make you able to write good essays when taking the test.
• Start by practice the essay writing as early as possible.
• Find a tutor that will help you on guiding through the practice and make you aware when you make mistake when writing.
• Find the samples of essays by online.
• Use online tools that can help you to check spelling and grammar. Some are free and this can help you to find most common mistakes that you create when you write.
• Write down to all new words and phrases that you read in essays samples. With this, you can improve the vocabulary with practice course.
• Learn use complex grammar structure.

IELTS reading tips to improve your score

This IELTS reading tips can help you to answer the reading test session as fast as possible. The reading test will need you to answer the question based on the text.
• Develop the skills of understanding each type of question in reading tests. There are 14 types of questions and you will need a strategy to answer in right way.
• Learn how to skimming and scanning. If you have IELTS test, then you should learn how to skimming and reading the passage.
• Develop the reading skills speed. The reading test has limit time and need the ability to answer the question in the correct time. Develop speed of reading skills to make you able to find the answer in quick. This skill also means you need to scan the passage as quick as you read.
• Don’t try to understand all of the passage in the test. Your job is to answer all the questions. Most of the question in the test will test your ability in locate
• Develop your vocabulary.
• Keywords. This will help you to locate the information passage and spot for the answer.

IELTS Writing – Differences between its academic and general

IELTS Writing – The IELTS test takes a general and academic test which both has designed for the different purpose and the different test scheme. Both of them have the same timing proportion in each session of speaking, reading, writing and listening. Differences between the two tests are from the writing and reading sessions where the content slightly differently. For the academic test in reading will take 3 long texts that taken from newspaper, magazine, books or journal and selected for a non-specialist audience. Meanwhile, for general, it takes 5-6 texts from advertisements, official documents, newspaper, notices, books and company handbook.

IELTS Writing – For the writing sessions, for the general is available to write in semi-formal style for academic it should write in a formal style. The IELTS general training test is designed for those who want to go to the English speaking countries in order to get a secondary education. This test is also the requirement for those migrations in some countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The test will focus on the basic skills to survive in abroad social and in the context of the workplace.