Stages of the General Test Ielts

The ielts general test is a series of tests to measure a person’s English language skills with international standards. This test is usually carried out by prospective students or workers who use English as the language of communication.

Listening test
General ielts has 4 tests, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. The first step is a listening test or listening. The listening stage has 4 sections consisting of 40 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes. Part 1 is a conversation between two people, part 2 contains a monologue which is arranged in the everyday social context, section 3 contains a conversation between 4 people in the context of training and education and section 4 contains monologues found in academic subjects such as universities.

Please note that each part of the listening stage will only be played or heard only once (no repetition). Participants must focus and concentrate on listening to each question that is read so that they can solve it properly.

Reading test
The next test stage is a reading test or reading test. In this stage, participants will be given 40 questions divided into 3 parts and must be completed within 60 minutes. Part 1 contains questions with three or two factual texts which are presented in short. Part 2 only contains questions with 2 factual texts that have a focus on work problems. The third or last part contains 1 text that is more complex.

Writing test
Writing test or writing test has 2 parts. In part 1, participants will be asked to write a letter containing an explanation of a situation or request. The types of letters written can be informal or formal depending on the instructions given. Therefore, participants need to carefully read and understand the question instructions to find out what type of letter should be written.

Next in part 2, participants will be asked to write an essay containing points of view, answers, problems and arguments about a topic.

Speaking test
The final test phase of the general test is the speaking test. In this test, participants will conduct an interview session with a examiner for 15 minutes. Part 1 contains introductions and brief interviews about participants’ personal selves. Next in part 2, participants will be asked to talk about a topic in detail. In this case the insights possessed by the participants will also be tested.

And in the last part, the examiner will give questions related to the topics in section 2. In this stage participants will conduct 2-way discussions with the examiners. Thus a brief explanation of the general ielts test stages.