Things to Consider in Doing IELTS Writing Test

Writing is one of the components in the IELTS test. In the IELTS writing test, there are 2 types of the task known as the IELTS writing task 1 and IELTS writing task 2. In task 1, the participants are asked to write the report based on the graphic, table, or diagram available. Meanwhile, in task 2, the participants must write down the essay based on the topic given.
Sure, with the limited times, you may be quite confused about how to start the writing session. Undeniably, more practices are the key point for the success in the IELTS test. Besides, there are also some tips you need to consider. What are they?

Read the Orders or Questions Carefully
First of all, you must read the questions or orders given carefully. If it is necessary, you can even underline the important points that must be explained in your piece of writing. It is to help you to explain the topic more relevantly.
For the first IELTS writing task, you need to connect your writing with the data found from the diagram, table, or graphics. The topic used in task 1 is commonly related to the data comparison or the diagram explanation.
On the other hand, the second task asks you to write down the argument. As an example, do you agree that the development of technology nowadays gives many bad impacts to the youth and teenagers? Answer the question with agreeing or disagreeing than explain your reasons clearly.

Do Task 2 First
Do you know that the IELTS writing task 2 has more scores than task 1? If yes, use this situation to trick both tasks. You should do task 2 first and make sure that you just do it well. In fact, the scores are even twice more than task 1.

Make a Plan
For an exception that you are an experienced writer, it seems you still need to make a plan regarding how you will write down the topic. You can make the mind map in the beginning. Then, in the mind map, plan the way you divide your writing into some parts or paragraphs. Sure, each paragraph should contain the points to explain.
The plan is not only important to enable you to write the topic more easily but also it makes your work have a good result.

Avoid Repeating the Questions or Sentences
If you write down the questions in your writing, it will not make a score. It is better to directly answer the question without repeating too many phrases or even words that have been mentioned in the questions. Aside from wasting the time, the words that have been mentioned in the questions are not included in the word count.

Pay Attention to the Writing Style
IELTS writing requires you to apply the formal writing style. So, you should better use complete words like “is not” or “does not” rather than “isn’t” or “doesn’t” although they have the same meaning. Make sure also not to write down sentences that are too long since the possibility of them being mistaken is higher.