Tips for honing the vocabulary so that IELTS General runs smoothly

IELTS General – The general test of general telecommunication that you will follow is determined by various factors. Basic English language skills are of course very important. And actually it is not difficult to learn some basic formulations of sentence structure and logic formed from reading and writing. One important factor that will strengthen your ability to do this test is from the vocabulary. After all, in general or academic tests, the vocabulary factor will be very useful in applying it in the country you are going to live in.

So, What is the Secret Formula for Sharpening the Word Treasury?
There is no such thing as a secret formula or special tricks for learning language vocabulary. In other words, you must memorize it. Well, how to memorize that you have to do right. Eventually it will surely get used to itself alias already out of the head. What is triggered verbally automatically synchronizes with what you are referring to.

In general ielts tests, the ability to master vocabulary can be a factor that determines the success of your work. The reason is, if you understand the meaning of a word or several words in a sentence, it will make it easier to connect logically to form reasoning. Therefore, learning vocabulary is very absolute, even if you do not plan to take an ieltes test, vocabulary mastery will be very useful for practicing English in a self-taught manner.

Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing
Apply the 4 methods above. Please choose the one you feel most comfortable or familiar with. But don’t just use one method. Everything begins with reading. What you read and suddenly find a word that feels new, plant it in memory. Write the word and its meaning. Then say. And now there is Google Translate or an application that you can write a word and listen to how it sounds. It is impossible for you to be fluent in mastering general ielts test questions, if your vocabulary is still very minimal.

It is also recommended to use the media that you are most familiar with. Or, just start from your passion. For example, you like reading, of course get used to reading texts or books in English. If you have listened to music, don’t forget to listen to the text. If you like watching movies, use English subtitles. From there you will get used to it yourself with the vocabulary you meet. At least, every day you can memorize one foreign vocabulary. The important thing is its consistency. Don’t memorize a lot of vocabulary in one day, but not the next day. It is precisely from habit every day that a data bank will form in your memory.

Well, that’s a glimpse of how to hone vocabulary so that it will be useful for working on general ielts tests or applying it directly.