Tips for Overcoming Fever Children at Night

Tips for Overcoming Fever Children at Night

Fever is one of the situations that your child will feel if he is stricken with an illness. Even this situation can occur suddenly, classified at night. Don’t panic, here are some initial steps you can take to deal with a child’s fever at night.

Measure Body Temperature
You need to measure your baby’s body temperature to assess the next stage. Instead of just sticking the back of your hand on your forehead, it’s better to use a thermometer so that you can understand his body temperature accurately.

Normal child’s body temperature is one 36-38 ° C. According to what the Indonesian Pediatrician Association said, temperatures that were above the range indicated a feverish situation

Compress with warm water
For the initial stages, you need to compress the child with warm water. This action is definitely not a new affair; all parents have long since applied it if the child is exposed to a fever. Although not entirely helpful, at least it can temporarily reduce children’s heat.

Set Room Temperature
Make sure the temperature is cool to the point that the child feels comfortable even though he is feeling a fever. You can adjust the temperature with the ease of air conditioning, or at least turn on the fan with the play mode. Keep in mind, it should not set the air conditioner to a very low temperature or show the fan directly to the baby’s body, because it will actually make things worse.

Drink plenty of water
In tackling a child’s fever, the next thing you need to do is give him drinking water. Water is useful as a substitute for lost body fluids to the extent that children avoid dehydration. Also helps remove heat from the body more quickly.

Children may be fussy and refuse to drink large amounts of water. For that, you need patience and hand over to him slowly.

Always Available for Child Fever-Lowering Medication
Another step is to give him a fever-lowering drug. It is better if you are not often on guard by storing the many types of drugs that are definitely needed in an emergency. For child-lowering fever, the right medicine is paracetamol or ibuprofen.

However, to take this medicine, always check the dose dose. In each drug package the recommended dose is listed, following the guidance.

these matters are the first step that you must do to deal with child fever at night. If the fever doesn’t go down the next day, you should immediately take it to the doctor or the nearest health service.