WISATA song “LAMPUNG COFFEE”, Joko Aryanto’s efforts to lift Sai Earth Ruwa Jurai


As a form of love for Lampung Province, Joko Aryanto, Lampung Young Musician as well as a teacher of multimedia and cultural arts at Bandar Lampung Vocational High School 8, created a song titled “Kopi Lampung”.

According to him, the song he dedicates to the wider community, especially Ulun Lampung and the leaders who are on Earth Ruwa Jurai as a form of appreciation because the more famous Lampung with “Lampung Coffee”.

When we are outside the region, when we call our origin from Lampung, the community connection immediately remembers about “Lampung Coffee”.

Previously Lampung was more famous for ‘Tanah Lada’ but now Lampung is better known as ‘Kopi Lampung’

“So from that I was inspired to create a copyrighted song titled Coffee Lampung,” he said.

Music is also felt to be the right and attractive means to promote plantation destinations, tourism and to lift and preserve the indigenous cultural arts of the Lampung region.

“Lampung has natural, cultural and even man-made potential attractions. So through this song I hope that Lampung Province will never be forgotten by the younger generation, “Joko said when confirmed, Monday (6/25).

The release of the song “Kopi Lampung” at the same time to raise the holding of the West Lampung Coffee Festival 2018 which will be held July 21-23 in the West Lampung Coffee Village Area.

The creator of the song “Lampung Maju Sehatera” said all of his works could be heard through the Youtube website https://youtu.be/CuS4h5-uLgk

“I made the concept of this song material with a simple lyric and I arranged it with alternative pop nuances. Besides that, I also added the poetry nuances in the opening of the music, “said Joko. (LS)

You can visit the website for more info : https://lagump3.fun/