Rick and Morty Always a Winner

Almost half seasons down, Rick and Morty a premiere cartoon show on Adult Swim station continues to be a massive success. The interdimensionaladventures of this protagonists provide the perfect ruse to the masses to laugh their ass off and escape from the truth of disappointments and disillusions of routine life. Have a look at rickandmortyfree.com for more info on this. The show is smart on all levels be it the type of narration, personality development, plots, imagination, creativity, and feelings.

Just as the series throws in nasty and nasty animals spewing vulgar dialogues, the show also depicts ordinary human emotions. A troubling union, peer pressure, teenage insecurities, haunting past, potential insecurities of life, lost love, well… all these do not seem very cute in a sci-fi animation, but it sure as hell looks adorable in this specific show. We’re talking of Rick and Morty here and anything could happen in Rick and Morty.

The double creative geniuses,Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who developed the show, had only 1 rule in mind that there will not be any rules when it comes to the plots of this series. They tweak, twist, pull, and enlarge every concept in science and technology, and come up with the most eccentric devices, animals, and universes, which leave the audience no choice but gape in wonder at the sheer creativity and style of delivering the story. The series is only 22 minutes to be precise, and the amount of adventures the show manages to take the audience on, is pure wonderful.

Perhaps that is why the show has such a large fan base. It is hardly repetitive and consistently manages to leave enough for the audience to anticipate the next episode. The characters never find tiresome and sometimes when they are feeling somewhat generous, shows their deep secrets, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. Even though it’s always more prudent to see the show without the business of’logic’ and’sensitivity’, the series tends to invite them with their subtle fashion of prodding the Gandalf inside you.

Very few shows leave a long-lasting mark on the audience and pass the test of time. Rick and Morty is one such series that has succeeded in both.