5 Mistakes Caring for Hair

5 Mistakes Caring for Hair

Having healthy hair can increase self-confidence. What can be done to escort healthy hair is naturally by taking care of it properly.

Haircare becomes a norm to help the body in top condition. Launch from Real Simple, there are even a number of habits of caring for the wrong hair and have duly left behind. Anything?

1. Tie hair in a continuous ponytail style

Keeping your hair pulled too tight and too often will cause damage. Especially in the follicular element. So that the hair falls out gradually which is called the Traction Alopecia.

2. Perform expensive treatments at the salon but minimal maintenance at home

Many people drain so little money and time in the salon but then they do not work on investing in the use of quality products to treat hair at home. Haircare products at residential locations that are marketed at low prices often contain even cheaper ingredients but have a risk that is too hard on the hair.

3. Only wear a face mask but no hair

Haircare is actually almost the same as skincare. This is because hair is made from not the same amount of skin. One of them is keratin. But not a few people even said they did not have time to wear hair masks as a deep conditioning format. Even though you don’t need to waste too much time on hair masks.

4. Comb wet hair

Never comb your hair while it’s still wet if you don’t want to damage it. It is better to comb your hair before shampooing while still in a dry situation. When in the wet atmosphere use a large-toothed comb or better not have to comb first.

5. Use the same shampoo continuously

This is the secret to dull hair. The key to keeping it shiny is to change shampoo regularly. Different types of shampoo will help your hair reverse its condition and become more manageable. https://bit.ly/2Kt32tn