What is the maximum human race speed?

After exceeding 10 seconds in the 100-meter race, it was believed that there would be no more speed records, however, Usain Bolt never ceases to surprise us and every year, every month, he breaks a new record, before which the question arises: What is the average human running speed?

Usain Bolt states that he can run the 100 meters in 9.4 seconds and analysts are sure that the Jamaican can beat his marks since the athlete lowers his pace at the end of the race when he knows he has already won, his technique can be further refined and also has never run with the wind limit in favor allowed.

Experts point out that Bolt’s height (1.96 meters) collaborates in his speed, however, the greater stride could be counteracted by the large volume of his body and thus, he would have no advantage by having a longer stride.

On the other hand, scientists believe that Jamaican has a greater amount of fast contraction fibers than have been estimated, which allows it to accelerate rapidly.

Also, the expert of the English Sports Institute, Rápale Brandon, points out that it is important that sprinters keep their feet on the ground for a certain time to generate their rhythm and over time, the limit can be reached in which to run faster you will have to spend so little time with your feet on the floor that no more speed will be generated.

According to the specialist, nobody can run faster than 9.2 seconds in the 100 meters. However, all human race speed limits that have been set were subsequently collapsed.

Honestly, I do not think that the maximum human race speed can be estimated and I prefer that it not be done since seeing how we are surprised by Bolt or any other athlete breaking records is very gratifying and amazing, it is like the magic that any speed competition must-have.