Some of the most common jewelry repair problems

Jewelry Repair – Everything created by human hands will most likely collapse. This is also with jewelry. It is a fact that even the most skilled jewelry is lost over time. There is a high probability that your favorite work and loved ones need to be renovated and repaired. Fortunately, jewelry repair techniques now combine the best of contemporary technology with traditional expertise. They guarantee that your favorite jewelry will last a lifetime with you.

Jewelry Repair

Below you will find some of the most common problems related to jewelry repair.

• broken or damaged hooks

Buckles are usually the first component used in necklaces and gold bracelets for women. This is because the catch, the part that connects each end, can be worn because of the moving parts. It is also a part that usually supports the heaviest weight and weight of shooting and filmmaking.

They come in various types. From time to time, it’s also easy to fix the old ones and apply new clips. This can usually be done at home, but the problem can also be a bit complicated. Catches that fail or break more than once indicate deeper structural involvement. The medicine can be in the form of replacing other parts, welds or new types of tongs. In this case, your repairs must be done by a professional.

• broken link

Bracelets and chains on the collar are subjected to a normal style that can weaken and eventually break the individual chain. The link is quite simple and easily replaced or repaired. However, this task must be carried out by a professional.

• worn metal

This is typical of rings, especially wedding rings and engagement rings. This is because they are still used for years. Friction between metal and skin causes metal wear and weakens it. Weak points can break.

The stains used can be repaired by adding metal. This will prevent further damage from occurring. Repair of this type of jewelry must be done by experienced goldsmiths.

• broken or worn pins in gemstone settings

Precious stones are usually held by “claws” or “claws”. Wear claws over time and sometimes stop. It is possible that your stone will come out of the decoration if this happens, especially when many branches are affected.

Like worn rings, new metal must be added to the branch to rebuild it. A specialist must be consulted to carry out the task of repairing this type of jewelry.


There are times when the branches shift easily out of place. This happens when a piece experiences a physical blow. You will need service from a professional to double your tongue on the spot, which will also notify you if your party also experiences other damage.

Lost stone

It is usually not recommended to lose stones in your favorite jewelry. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by a professional. Replacing stones can be very expensive, although most jewelry likes to preserve precious stones.