Multi-cam Live Streaming 2019

And out and then you have a microphone connection like I said and over there that’s that stuff is just for my monitors so and that’s what you’re seeing there and and then one thing I did here also is and that’s kind of why I like having everything in like this rack and it’s on wheels so I can move this easily and see it has these wheels you can lock those wheels but let’s say if I’m doing something else in my studio and I don’t need this then I would basically move this off to the side somewhere you know put it somewhere where against a wall for example here I have my main sort of a power bar so I placed it in there because it’s it will supply power to all tv malaysia

The different elements up here and I have more space on the rocks I could add other things but I have a master switch so kind of I can turn this all everything on and off which is one switch so that’s the reason why I like doing that and then like I said I have my main master from my sir bored here coming out here and it’s going into the ATM switcher so you see to have my left and right channel that the two two cables and that’s goes through XLR cables so that’s kind of how this works as you can see I have my laptop there on the little stand this little rack on wheels I can move around

The studio this little table also has wheels like everything has wheels so when I don’t need to and let’s say I need to do something else in the studio then it’s very easy because I can just move everything off to this to the sides here and I can clear up the space and I can do something else that I need to do in the studio so that’s kind of how it works then the most important probably cable is going to be the one coming off of the the Blackmagic web presenter because that’s the USB cable so this cable I know it’s kind of a mess there’s a lot of cables here anyways you can see that cable going here here here here