Direct Customer Service Indosat Call from IM3 Number

IM# is becoming one of the leaders in term of calling the customer service Indosat. The main reason is not because of the problems that this product from Indosat so they call the customer service from Indosat. It is more likely because of the numbers of users from this products that can simply reach 50 percents of the total users from Indosat. Because of that reason, if there is a problem, most of the call to the service number will come from IM3 as one of the biggest products from Indosat.

customer service indosat

If you are also a user of IM3 product from Indosat and you need to call the customer services to help you with any problem that you are dealing with, there are two numbers that you can simply dial. The first one is 100 and the second one is 185. You can easily dial any of those numbers of customer service Indosat just in case you have some questions about your current SIM card. However, you need to understand that you will be charged for the call that you make to the customer service number. However, you will not need to worry since the charge is only about 400 Rupiahs and that will be charged per phone. That means calling the customer service for five minutes or 30 minutes will charge you for the same price.

For your consideration, there are two different customer service numbers that you can call from your IM3 number. That is because of the number of users of IM3 as one of the biggest products from Indosat. As an addition to that, the customer service Indosat numbers are also a prevention way that Indosat made just in case there is a problem related with the server and many people are calling the customer service at the same time. For more information about this just go to and enjoy with the articles.