The Best Running Man Episodes: The Unbelievable Ladies on Episode 213

Running Man is one of the most Kmazing South Korean variety show line ups that you cannot miss every weekend. This cool TV show, which you could enjoy on SBS, had been aired since 2010. So then, it is no wonder that it has so many interesting and fascinating to entertain you in the most fabulous way for sure. Even better, some of them can be defined as the best running man episodes that you will love so much. Fortunately, you can find out one of those episodes when you continue reading below.

best running man episodes

One of the most marvelous episodes of Running Man is when this show invited some popular actress to be the guests. Perhaps, in the beginning of the show, you might think that this show would be boring and uninteresting as there were just pretty ladies accompanying the regular members of Running Man. Yet, you would definitely change your mind when you saw them did the mud fighting. In the simple words, you will find so many various fun and amusing moments during the race. It was because all of the ladies showed you the unbelievable spirit and effort in order to win the game. Even, they let Lee Kwang Soo serve them as a step ladder. This specific situation really surprised the regular members of the show surely. Then, it is actually so obvious that is the reason why it became one of the best running man episodes.

After putting it all together, the unbelievable desire of the famous actresses to win the game was something else that you cannot ignore at all. So, you better watch this one of the best running man episodes every time you have the chance, so that you can get the best quality entertainment to refresh yourself after your exhausting days.