Martial Arts for Women

The idea that a woman is weak and helpless is a cliché that is detrimental to her in many ways. In a society still marked by machismo, women are regularly victims of numerous physical attacks. In many cases, they experience violence directly related to their relative vulnerability.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the best martial arts for women according to

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Yet even at this level, things are still not obvious because the results are sometimes well below their expectations, especially because of morphological features that do not always achieve the desired efficiency.

Here is a list of martial disciplines whose teachings offer any woman the opportunity to defend herself effectively in case of aggression.

Krav Maga

More than a martial art oriented towards an abstract philosophy, krav-maga is above all a set of self defense techniques that respond to real situations of physical aggression. Developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in 1964, this particular form of close combat is inspired by the movements of several disciplines in order to increase its performances.

The krav-maga includes boxing techniques, judo, lute, muay-thai and ju-jitsu. Its efficiency and dynamic character have made it popular throughout the world; especially in the most prestigious elite corps, such as the GIGN, the RAID, the Marines in the United States, the SAS in England.

Krav maga is also an excellent alternative for any woman who wants to provide this defense. Indeed, the discipline adapts to any size and morphology, offers any woman a set of choices that would neutralize one or more aggressors.


Taekwondo is a South Korean martial art whose formal development dates back to 1960. Literally, it means the way of the foot and the fist and has more than 100 million practitioners in the world. Since the year 2000 it has been admitted as an Olympic discipline and during competitions, there are fights and demonstrations very framed.

In fact, taekwondo has many percussion and self-defense techniques that give a woman ample time to defend herself in real time.

Traditional taekwondo is particularly explosive and strikes can cause extremely serious damage. The long and studious training (especially for the traditional version) is the main drawback. Yet he will forge an impressive physique and a steel mind. It also gives great flexibility to the hard-working practitioner and impressively increases the speed of his reflexes.

Jiu Jitsu

This form of fighting was born in feudal Japan at the time of Edo. Ju-jitsu is developed by the samurai to allow the adept to defend effectively even disarmed on a battlefield. This ancestral art has inspired the development of other disciplines that are today known worldwide, including Brazilian ju-jitsu, Aikido or even judo.

Ju-jitsu concentrates its study on flexibility movements, hence its literal meaning: the “art of flexibility”. The goal is to avoid frontal attacks and exploit the power of the aggressor to your advantage. Many techniques of immobilization, displacement, strikes are to be learned and practice regularly before having the mastery of this martial art, which unfortunately implies a long training.

Jiu-jitsu is a versatile martial discipline that will give women excellent defenses in case of aggression.

The small size will be happy to integrate an impressive technical baggage which does not have the brutal force. Practitioners will develop a relatively powerful physique and a good control of the respiratory rate.

Also note that in addition to learning to defend themselves, these different sports are excellent for keeping fit and in good physical and mental health! All the more so, that it is more and more common to couple a combat sport with the practice of fitness.