Best The Beginners Guide to Forex trading

The forex market it’s forex trading is exciting now some people like to comment that I am NOT the most enthusiastic person that my voice can be a bit dull sometimes if it is I do apologize please don’t let that take away from how exciting Forex is and the opportunity forex trading provides it truly excites me even after all these years forex trading is something I love I don’t think I would ever do anything different now it’s a career that have come to truly love and commit to and something that has ultimately changed my life I earn more than ever I get to work from home 24/7 I’m so much more flexible with my time if I want to go for a jog if I want to go and pick jadwal tv

The kids up from school I can do that and there are many other things that make forex trading exciting it’s quite fast paced at times and it’s something different every day the markets are always a bit different there’s always news events going on around the world they impact the markets so it’s quite an interesting and exciting career to be in I love it if you have questions I understand this is quite a short part one if you have any questions about forex trading or just trading in general then feel free to drop me an email info at love – the – pips comm you can find me on social media Facebook Instagram Twitter you name it I’m probably on it

If you go to my website love – there – pips calm you’ll be able to find my social media accounts so this is part one of this beginner’s guide to forex trading part 2 and part 3 there’ll be links below perhaps to the side from my website there should be a next button so please carry on with this free tutorial at the end of this guide I will then provide another free guide that would teach you how to read price Charles and how to start placing trades analyze the markets and those sort of things so please stick with me this is all for free feel free to check out my website follow me on social media and email me any questions you have thank you for watching