HOW LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2019

If you hold shift down while you’re clicking on one of the stretching points you can actually stretch the X and y-axis ease without them being in equal ratio without that they will always stretch at the normal ratio for the image if you old alt down while you click on one side you can actually drag one side in if you want to hide part of that image so when you don’t have the entire image showing it’ll turn into a green line representing that you’ve actually cropped all of that side off and you can crop as many sides as you want individually if for some reason you only want to show a part of your image on screen and of course you can drag it right back out if you want to undo

The cropping so with this properties for test image window I’m just going to hit OK and we can just position this wherever we want it so I’m actually going to shrink this image in and just put it in the bottom right-hand corner and now we can add in another source so I’m going to right click go to add and let’s do a Game Capture source so for the source name I’m going to call it stardew valley and this is intentionally going to throw an error as we’ll see when we hit OK it’ll say that the names already in use so I don’t actually have another game capture called stardew valley so for

The name for this game capture I’m going to call it stardew valley and hit ok so what’s gonna happen here is it’s gonna error out because we’ve already used the name star devalue somewhere else so even if you don’t have a source named stardew valley in one of your other scenes if a scene name itself has the same name as you can see over here in my scenes list I have one called stardew valley it’s going to conflict so just something to be aware of you have to use separate names for everything between your scenes and sources so it could just put a two here or maybe we call this game capture underscore game capture and hit okay so by default when you have