How to Limit the Time to Play Instagram So You Don’t Get Addicted

How to Limit the Time to Play Instagram So You Don’t Get Addicted

Like smartphones, social media can also make people addicted.

Because we have felt playing on social media, we can be long complacent and linger ‘stick’ with him. In the end, we do not really care about the environment.

Seeing this matter, Instagram does not want the user to be anti-social because it uses the platform too long.

Therefore, Instagram released a tool that allows users to impose time limits on the software.

Here’s how to give a deadline for using Instagram, according to a written explanation from Instagram.

To use this device, the user can open the Settings option in the Instagram software. Then, select the “Your Activity” option, then, select “Your Time on Facebook”.

At the very top, users will see a dashboard containing the average periods they spent on the Instagram software.

Under the dashboard, users can set daily reminders to remind them if they have reached the maximum time to use Instagram on that day.

Uniquely, the user can change or change this reminder at any time.

Users can also tap on “Notification Settings” to access the “Mute Push Notifications” option to set a notification limit from Instagram at times when they don’t want to be disturbed.

Activity Dashboard

Instagram also had time to tell a new tool that helps users organize how much time they spend on the platform to share the short portrait and video.

Based on the explanation of the tool in question is the dashboard activity.

Instagram said, they now have a daily reminder (reminder) and new techniques to limit notifications.

“We developed this tool in collaboration with experts and mental health organizations and all academics, supported by in-depth research and direct advice from all Instagram users. We want the time we spend on Instagram to be positive and inspiring times,” said Product Management Instagram Director Ameet Ranadive.

He said, with this equipment the user can have control over the periods that he wants to be drained on the Instagram platform.

In addition, this equipment can also be used to support conversations between parents and children about the prevalence of social media that is appropriate for them.

“This feature not only displays the amount of time we spend on Instagram, but also what we enjoy on our platform,” Ranadive said.

He said, the presence of this tool will help users use Instagram wisely.

Ranadive continued, the presence of this tool is an important first step for Instagram.

“We will continue our efforts in fostering a safe, positive and supportive community for all of our users,” he concluded.