How To Reset Advan Hp For All Types

For HP Advan users and those experiencing Bootloop on the HP, slow, easy to close or error, the application does not run correctly, forgetting the password or password and other problems. You do not need to worry, because this problem can be solved by resetting HP Advance completely.

Resetting a smartphone is the most common for smartphone users if there is a problem with a mobile phone. Reviving your HP Advan again will most likely solve this problem correctly. However, if it cannot be resolved, it is possible that your smartphone hardware that has a problem, to be able to solve it, arrives at the service center.

Reset HP Advan is also used not only because the phone is broken, there are many smartphone users who deliberately reset it just to delete data so that the smartphone is refreshed. There are also those who claim to be sold so that the files stored on the cell phone are completely deleted.

For those of you who want to restore Advan’s HP. The following will be reviewed in detail.

How to reset HP Advan completely for all types

Before restarting Advan’s cellphone, you must have a fully charged cellphone battery or at least 50% of the cost for the restart process to run smoothly. Additionally, you must back up all available data so that it is not deleted. After you do both, follow the guide below.

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1. How to reset HP Advan to factory settings

A factory reset on Advan HP is generally used if you can still enter the start screen menu and access the settings menu. Here are the steps:

  • Open the configuration menu.
  • Then select Backup and reset and proceed with the factory data reset option.
  • Wait until HP Advan can start the restart process, restore factory settings and delete all data.
  • After resetting is complete, your HP Advan will restart with the same configuration and appearance as when you first bought it.

2. How to reset the HP Advan hard

Full cara reset hp advan can also be used when your phone is experiencing bootloop or cannot enter the menu or home screen settings due to an error or forgotten password. These are the steps to do a full reset.

  • Turn off your cellphone first.
  • Then, press and hold the volume down + on button simultaneously until it vibrates and the Android logo appears. On some types of cellphones they are sometimes combined with the volume up + power button.
  • After the Advan / Android logo appears on the screen, wait until you enter the Recovery Mode menu. You can use the volume buttons to navigate and select.
  • After that, select Clear data / Factory reset, then select Yes.
  • Then confirm by selecting the “yes” option – Erase all user data.
  • Next, select Restart System now and wait until the complete reset process is complete.

And there is still one more way to completely reset Advan for all types with a secret code. This method uses dial-up access to make calls using a secret code. So, the first step you only need to enter into the call menu is like when you make a phone call as usual.

  • Enter the code * 2767 * 3855 # then press call. Then the restart process will take place automatically
  • Wait until the process is complete. How, pretty easy, right?

This information is related to how to completely reset Advan’s HP for all types expected to be transmitted by Nirvanaharapan. The point of doing a factory reset and a full reset is on Advan’s HP as shown above. However, in some types there may be a slight difference and, basically, the same as described above.