OBS Tutorial Serie 2019

And then you would drop in your stream key which you can get out of your dashboard be careful with your stream key because it’s basically a password to your channel whoever has it can stream there you don’t really want that unless you invited them so just be cautious with that if you need to make a new one it’s right in the dashboard you can generate a new one right a for service if you’re really curious about which one’s the best there are tools around that will let you figure that out get some accurate latency information on each one and see which one generally it’s the one that’s closest to you that’s a good bet I’m not sure how tvmelayu

The auto command works here that’s new we’ll see how that works out let’s Jack output now this is where I’m going to be for a while because this is the meat and potatoes of your stream this is what makes it look the way it looks this is where you set your bandwidth this is where you set how much it’s going to impact your PC a lot of people get confused here there’s a lot of settings and I’m going to go over them on advanced because I want to talk about most of them so let’s do that if you’re doing simple you’ll see the most important ones here and you’ll lose a little bit of settings but that’s okay I need some of the advanced settings ifts advanced so we have three tabs streaming recording audio I’m going to talk about audio first because it’s the it’s up top and it’s

The easiest one to explain so audio has six tracks but the thing about that is you can only use one of them so when you’re broadcasting you want all the audio to be on track one generally like all of its desktop mic whatever it needs to be on track one so that they can hear it all but the multiple tracks are actually for or for recording you can make up to six by checking these boxes and in a local recording you can come back and drop the file in audacity or whatever and edit the mic independently of the desktop it’s very nice if you’re doing that kind of work you might want that feature the other setting in here is bitrate I would recommend 128 minimum 160 is