You Have To Know!!! The Dangers Of Using App MOD

You definitely know or maybe ever use an application like this right?? Application MOD (Modification) is an application that has been modified for various purposes. For example, to get unlimited money to upgrade various equipment in the application (Game) For example in Plants vs. 3Zombie, and Final Fantasy. Application Mod also transforms paid apps to free.

mod apk

Need to remember if Buddy wants to install the Android Mod games in HP Pal then in advance buddy delete similar games that have been downloaded from Playstore. For example, Buddy already downloaded the game Plants vs. Zombies 2 from Playstore, but then Buddy wanted to install the game Plants vs. Zombies 2 mod that was already a buddy downloaded from a site. Then friend first has to delete the game that was already downloaded the Playstore in the game, not conflict.

There are many advantages that are given in the game mod apk, but there are also some disadvantages that cause you to get tired of the game quickly. The challenge is reduced. For the public or beginners in the world of computers and the Internet, will assume there is no difference between pirated applications and original applications. They would just think “Kalo is free to buy, anyway its function is the same” but the assumption is wrong, will be the very different effect if the computer user has been connected to the global network. Pirated applications that do not clearly have an impact And bad losses for its users including

1. Malware Threat

The main goal of hackers hijacking an application and distributing it to the hacker wanting to paste his evil application (Malware) into pirated software. When pirated applications are installed on the victim’s computer, the malware will automatically be installed. And the victim’s computer is now in the control of malware hacker maker, the computer that has been taken over can be used by hackers for anything, eg spread spam, create net bot network, create a proxy to eliminate traces in doing evil, Spread the worm to the local network, etc.

2. Violation of law

Do not use pirated applications to run your business, because you can be prosecuted by the law and have to pay a big fine because of the pirated application.

3. No warranty

The absence of warranty guarantee in case something errors occurs, the error can be worse if there is an important document that belongs to you. And you can’t ask a developer for a pirated app that you use.

4. Rally

Not all hackers are in the application that has been cracked it is with malware, some are just want to rally in the field of reverse engineering and get a name on the internet. If you suspect only a website that is an in-car hacker, it is wrong because hackers can also break down premium applications so it is free. But we can not distinguish between which are being tried and which ones are not.

Well.. So that’s the danger of using the app Mod (modify) Better we use the original version of the application…