Bali Vacation Guide You Should Know

Bali vacation is great to unwind. You can escape from everyday life. In addition, Bali is a tropical paradise with its dramatic landscape. Also, it has lush jungles, great culture, town, and temples. Nusa Penida Go Vacation Company can be your partner to start your Bali full day tour.

Recommended Places To Visit

Head to Seminyak and you will love the beach and live music. In addition, Kuta is what you should go next if you love surfing and parties. When it comes to luxurious lifestyle, Nusa Dua is what you need.

Besides, you can rejuvenate yourself by practicing yoga in Ubud. Even Ubud has something more like seeing the local ceremony, tasting the Balinese cuisine and viewing the rice terraces. Other than that, Ubud is a great place for surfing, diving, and snorkeling.

Bali Vacation Costs

During your vacation, we think you should enjoy some amazing activities. First, you can visit the local beers like Bintang Lager. The cost is about £1 or £3. Other than that, you can find some delicious meals in Seminyak for £5 or £10 for each meal. If you want to get affordable meals, you should head to the less touristy restaurants.

The cost of riding a taxi is about £0.70/mile. It is an easy and inexpensive solution to ride for traveling in Bali. If you have £40, you can hire a driver who becomes your private tour to go around the island.

When it comes to transport, it is quite cheap. You can go around by bus, ojek (Scooter), and car. You can negotiate the price with the drivers. Meanwhile, if you need hostels, it is uncommon in Bali. If you want to get a cheap cost, you can get a single room for £18 per night. The cost of hotels in Bali is about £35 or £55. That is so affordable if you don’t mind to stay in a three-star rated hotel.