Bromo Tour Package Is Cheap Price Family Trip in Nature

Bromo Tour Package Is Cheap Price Family Trip in Nature . Family Vacation To Mount Bromo with Cheap Prices. Who doesn’t want to vacation at Mount Bromo? its natural charm is truly extraordinary. Suitable for playing with children, wives and husbands. It can also be for parents as well as the most important thing is to have excellent physical condition. Because adventure on Mount Bromo absolutely requires physical strength especially when climbing stairs to the top of Mount Bromo. With the best schedule and the maximum for holidays here is the duration of 3 days 2 nights. With this schedule you and your family are expected to be as satisfied as possible to explore the beauty of Mount Bromo to the fullest. Without missing a single tourist attraction around the Bromo, because each of the tourist locations is amazing, it is amazing.

Have an exciting vacation plan with your family or colleagues? If yes, let’s join the cheap Bromo tour package 3 days 2 nights that we held. Not only interesting, you can also visit various tourist attractions in Batu-Malang City and Bromo area.

Bromo Tour Package Is Cheap Price Family Trip in Nature

Best Itinerary Bromo Tour Package For Family

The first day
• We will pick up the tour participants at agreed places, such as bus terminals, train stations, airports etc. in the Surabaya, Probolinggo and Malang areas.
• Then proceed to Mount Bromo with a vehicle that we have prepared according to your request.
• After that participants will be escorted to the inn around Mount Bromo to rest and prepare stamina
Day 2
• Starting at 08.00 WIB, our team will invite tour participants to tour and explore the tourist city of Batu-Malang
• After the tour is finished, we will take the participants to one of the lodgings in the Bromo area to rest
Day 3
• Around 3:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. WIB, by using Jeeb’s car, we will invite participants to go around to 2 locations or 4 Bromo tourist sites (according to what was chosen by the participants)
• Once the tour to Bromo tourism object is complete, we will take all participants back to the hotel to clean and have breakfast
• After that, the team will take the participants back to the bus terminal, airport, and train station, and the Bromo tour 3 days 2 nights is complete

Mount Bromo Tour Price For Family Trips

  • 11 participants IDR 298,000  / person
  • 10 participants IDR 328,000  / person
  • 9 participants IDR 345,000  / person
  • 8 participants  IDR 373,000 / person
  • 7 participants IDR 448.00 / person
  • 6 participants IDR 449,000  / person
  • 5 participants IDR 417,000s / person
  • 4 participants IDR 516,000 / person
  • 3 participants IDR 693,000 / person
  • 2 participants  IDR 953,000 / person

Fees charged are included
• Transport the shuttle at the meeting point that the participants have agreed with our party (Surabaya, Malang, Purbolinggo area)
• Rent a Jeep car
• Ticket entry to tourism objects
• Mineral water and masks

Please contact trusted travel to handle your vacation, which is already very well known for its best service especially for those of you who have a family vacation planning or family tour to Mount Bromo. Explore Mount Bromo is not as easy as imagined because if you want to go around tourist attractions there need a tough vehicle, and type 4 WD which not all vehicles have such facilities. Bromo with its sand field does need a 4-step vehicle type like a hartop. And in the travel the inventory of vehicles is very large and you don’t need to be afraid to run out of stock. Especially if you are traveling to Bromo during a national holiday or a big day celebration in Indonesia.