Have A Trip to Kediri? Visit Kampung Inggris Pare

Do you have a plan to visit Kediri? Why don’t you take your time and visit Kampung Inggris Pare? You can set your plan and take a one-day trip to this area. It is a great offer for those who want to know more about Kampung Inggris, but only available in a short time. Commonly, you can take this program offered by the private learning institutions in this area. A one-day trip is available for groups to contain 20 people at least.

We can say that Kampung Inggris is known well in all sides of Indonesia. It is because the private learning institutions there offer a unique teaching and learning method. Many people have a high curiosity so they have a big willing to come there. Moreover, the institutions offer an effective learning climate. The learning methods are fully-intensive that becomes the main attraction for all people who want to master English quickly and fluently. Even some schools, institutions, companies, and communities have visited the area. Here, you can take a group tour for a week or a month. Eventually, it is possible to visit for a day trip so you can feel how the learning atmosphere there.

When you hear about Kampung, you may think that it is something odd, original, remote area, or less technology because it is like an isolated area. Well, the fact is that the people in a village communicate by using their mother language to support their culture. For example, the villagers in West Java mostly used Sundanese or even Bahasa Melayu for villagers in Sumatera.

The Story of Kampung Inggris

But, the case is different when you go to this village. It is a village in East Java in which the people there are not using their mother language to communicate with each other. Even they do not talk in Bahasa Indonesia. They are using English. The village is in Pare District, Kediri Regency, East Java. There, they talk English every day. It is not because the villagers are tourists. It is because, in this village, you can find a lot of private English courses. Therefore, the village is popular. It is the reason behind its name.

So, everything about this village is not based on a plan. It was when Kalend Osen, the villager who wanted to learn English from KH Ahmad Yazid in Pare, a popular figure who could talk eight foreign languages. So, Kalend stayed and studied in Darul Falah Boarding House, Singgahan Village, since the owner was Mr. Yazid. Until one day, Kalend was instructed to teach two college students about English intensively. These students had to learn English because they were going to follow the national test on their campus. Surprisingly, Kalend succeeded because these students passed the test and not long after that, these two students made others came to learn English with Kalend. It was the first story of the first class.

It is amazing if you can go there to take your short trip and check how the students learn there. They have many tutors and they learn extensively. They can amaze you with their effort, too.

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