Wedding Traditions – What They Really Mean

Wedding Traditions – Your wedding day is getting closer and you always dream about it, but do you know what are the traditions of this marriage? Do you have an idea of ​​where they started and why?

wedding traditions


Below you will find some of the research that we have done.

You may have heard the old saying, “Something old, new, something lends something blue and six cents to your shoes.”

This wedding rhyme began in the Victorian era, as it was later used, as well as wives who still follow it today. Although many newlyweds do not know what they mean or where they come from, they remain true to the tradition and use it to choose what they wear and what they have on their wedding day.

What is the racial meaning of ancient Victoria?

Lullabies refer to many important things, for example, when you talk about something old, it refers to a friend of a partner who stays true to friendship throughout marriage.

Often a bride can wear jewelry belonging to her mother or grandmother. Pearls were especially popular during the Victorian era. However, some wives can also wear maternal veils, handkerchiefs or even prayer books at weddings.

Something new refers to happiness, health and future success, symbolized by a wedding bouquet and bridal wear.

Something borrowed benefits luck, it can be any symbol of luck that returns to the creditor – because luck forms its own circle. Something blue means loyalty and loyalty between partners and brings happiness during the cycle. This tradition comes from ancient Israel. Blue is traditionally a color of commitment and Israeli brides always wear blue ribbons in their hair. Today, brides generally wear blue garters or they can attach blue ribbons inside the wedding gown.

The amount of one penny from the Victorian era is six cents. That and is still considered a sign of prosperity, related to the wealth and prosperity of the couple in the future. These pieces are passed down from generation to generation in several families, while girls perpetuate the tradition of marriage.

Why is the white wedding dress?

White is not a traditional color, it is a representation of the sexual modesty of wives. In the past, an antique wedding dress was the best dress a wife had. The bride always wears the most handsome dress. Sometimes this dress is passed on to him by his family, especially for the wedding day, or most often in his favorite color. The Bible stories tell us that women are decorated in blue because they show pure virtue. The first documented white wedding dress was officially decorated with a 16th century queen. Since then, the colors have become increasingly popular, symbolizing the purity of morality and the celebration of joyous events.

Why Traditional Wedding Veils?

Wedding veils are an ancient symbol of sexual modesty. It has a feminine and romantic tone, becoming an extraordinary wedding accessory.

Where does the tradition of involvement and alliance come from?

Engagement rings go back to medieval times and symbolize the intention to get married. For the ancient Greeks, diamonds were thought to reflect the deep feeling felt by a woman and were worn before the ring became a traditional symbol.

The alliance is basically a circle of devotion and love. This symbol is conveyed to us by ancient Egyptians who believed that the third finger vein leads directly to the heart. Read Beach Wedding Dress

To conclude:

Although there are various traditions of marriage throughout the world, there are similar ones, while others are very different. However, they all symbolize the same special feeling, which is a happy celebration of the merging of two hearts in the same family and the beginning of a new love partnership.

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